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Do you need a Fractional CTO?

You do not require a full time CTO position within your business but have the recurring need for senior technical guidance at management level.  

A fractional/virtual CTO may be used for a specific task or project and is much more cost effective than a full time hire.

You may have very specific experience requirements or would appreciate outside perspective on technology and growth plans.

You may or may not already hire technical resources within your business.

Why Slate?


We are efficient

Time equals money. We don't overload problems with unnecessary resource. We measure efficiency by asking how much useful work gets done. We are not precious about changing focus if it means a more efficient method wins. We want to achieve your business goals with little wasted effort.

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We are bold

At Slate we constantly ask questions of ourselves and our customers. In everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We challenge the status quo by taking engineers for who and what they are. They just happen to write code.


We are approachable

Going digital can be overwhelming. Talk to us however you feel most comfortable whether that is face to face or video call from 1000 miles away. Let us handle the tech letting you focus on your business goals.

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We enjoy ourselves

Most important of all is that we enjoy what we do and that shines through in the work we deliver. The little extras that noone expected are often what everyone remembers.

Expert Tech Talent Management for SMEs

Slate is a double helix of culture and technology. We are curious beasts who naturally want to get to the heart of problems so we can find the right solutions for your challenges. We hold our clients in high regard and would be proud to be a part of your journey.

Our Services



In the fast-paced globalized markets of today's business world we know that technology needs to support your business, not work against it. With minimal use of technical language, we work alongside you to develop the tech strategy we will rely on.



We know you need to trust us. That is why we put boundless energy into understanding your business right from the beginning. If we can demonstrate we understand your business, we can build the trust you need to let us design your solution.



We partner with organisations who want to deliver modern serverless applications in the cloud, we build apps and pipelines to bring lasting change.

Trust is more than just a word

Richard James, Head of Digital Technology and Engineering at Nationwide Building Society, talks about why he trusts us at Slate to accelerate digital change for the organisation.Our first project was to improve their existing banking app where we reduced the load time from up to 16 seconds to under a second. Following this success, we later went on to assist in delivering the Covid 19 response - the first bank in the UK to have a digital journey for the Coronavirus mortgage payment break.

When you work with Slate

Consider yourself a smaller, more nimble competitor? Enter Slate. It’s not our job to just write code. Make you bigger and more bloated. Our focus is getting on. We’re here to accelerate things.Your company learns and upskills as Slate progresses. Keeps things focused. Keeps things fast.

Feedback From Our Clients

“Building a FinTech in 6 months was a big challenge.  I can not recommend Slate enough, they make good on their promises of what they can deliver“

Joe Dalton - Salt Finance, CEO

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We use Slate as a virtual CTO role to deliver tech whilst remaining passionate about 'The Actives'. We will never forget the day we started working with Slate

Joel James -, Founder

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“ We trust Slate to be effective, to be leading and to be agile. Always there, building it, architecting it, engineering it., upskilling our people, leading the way. I would 110% recommend Slate to others“

Richard James - Nationwide, Head of Engineering

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“ We approached Slate to deliver a judging system, for all horse races here in the UK. Slate listened to what we were trying to achieve and the work they do is of the highest quality. “

Jason Pearce - British Horseracing Authority

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Expert Tech Talent Management for SMEs

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